Byron Williams is a fictional character in the 1996 film Mars Attacks!. He is a former heavyweight champion in boxing and escapes the Martians' massacre in the end.


None of his childhood and early life is revealed throughout the film. However, some information is told about his boxing career. He has an ex-wife, Louise and two sons who are residing in Washington while he is in Las Vegas, trying to earn money for his family.

He is an African American and he has sympathy in other people. This is evidenced when he is trying to earn more money and helps distract the martians in order to let the others escape.

He is revealed to use the Orthodox stance in the boxing match near the end of the film. He is seen fighting with left foot and fist leading.

Role in Mars Attacks!

Byron Williams is a retired heavyweight champion boxer who has since been facing financial issues as he struggles with his new job as a bouncer at a casino in Las Vegas. He is further desperate for money when his boss rejects his proposition for a raise. Byron is also struggling with his personal life as he has divorced from his wife, Louise who also holds custody of their two sons. However, Byron is shown still in love with Louise and is desperate to return home to Washington D.C. where they reside and reconcile with her. Byron states that he intends to fly there within the following week and is seen rejecting Art Land's proposal to get into a fistfight with someone in return for money.

Byron is later shown watching the Martian Ambassador meet with many governmental officials in Washington. However, he is shocked as he witnesses the Ambassador murder many of the officials on live television. When Martians start invading Las Vegas, the casino where Byron works in is among the many locations being attacked. Amidst the chaos, Byron pursues a Martian and intervenes by killing it via punching its glass helmet before it could kill a human. Following this, Tom Jones, Barbara Land, Cindy and the Rude Gambler arrive at the scene and they obtain the Martian's two laser guns and they plan to escape Las Vegas with a small plane owned by Barbara in a private airport in the outskirts of the city. As they escape, the group suddenly gets caught in a junkyard and the Rude Gambler abandons the group when he questions Byron's leadership but gets killed by a Martian soonafter.

When the four finally reached the private airport, they discover that it's already been heavily damaged by the Martians and they are relieved to find the plane in a warehouse. As Tom and Barbara prepare the plane, Byron and Cindy are shocked to find out that a large army of Martians including the Martian Ambassador himself are occupying their only runway. Byron quickly devises a plan to stay in the airport and distract the army while letting the other three escape despite Cindy's protests.

Tom, Barbara and Cindy are horrified to see Byron run alone towards the army out onto the runway but they are too late to attempt to get Byron back. Byron then challenges the Martian Ambassador to a one-on-one bare-knuckle fistfight in which he quickly sets out several rules of boxing such as strictly prohibiting the use of any weaponry and hitting below the belt while telling the Martians that this is not a game. He intends to fight the Ambassador alone while all the army could do is watch. Byron takes the bout very personally and seriously, having seen the Ambassador single-handedly murder many humans in the past and he comes out of retirement to fight the Ambassador, contradicting his motto of only fighting "in the ring". Despite given the life-or-death situation, Byron treats the boxing match as a traditional one as he only uses his fists to fight. Oblivious to the fact that Byron intends to injure and even kill him, the Ambassador blindly comes out to face Byron alone by himself, and the man-vs-martian boxing match suddenly comes into fruition. As Byron lunges at his opponent and begins hurling the first few punches, Tom, Barbara and Cindy prepare for takeoff. Due to the Martians' lack of knowledge of boxing, Byron soon has the upper hand, becoming the only one in the fight actually throwing any punches and the Ambassador does not know how to defend itself, leaving it completely vulnerable. Angered at being punched at multiple times, the enraged Ambassador unexpectedly strikes Byron, inadvertently violating the rule of striking an opponent under the belt, but it has no effect on him. Unimpressed, Byron retaliates and mortally wounds the Ambassador. As Byron and the Ambassador continue to fight it out, the sheer power of Byron's professionally-produced punches finally kills him. However, his victory would backfire as the army, angered at the Ambassador's murder at Byron's hands, immediately comes at him all at once, having learned from Byron's boxing skills during his fistfight with the Ambassador. Byron's plan finally works as none of the Martians see the plane take off as they are busy fighting Byron. Now all alone, Byron initially dominates the fight by keeping the Martians at bay. Despite this, the fight quickly becomes chaotic as Byron gets surrounded and is critically injured as he is vastly outnumbered and increasingly overwhelmed by the army's strength, causing him to fall to his knees and get knocked out. As the plane hovers over the airport, Tom, Barbara and Cindy are shocked to see Byron's body on the ground, unconscious.

Towards the end of the film, Byron is revealed to have survived the fistfight as he is shown arriving at his family's house in Washington despite having bruises on his limbs and is finally reunited with them.[1]

Professional boxing record

This is an incomplete list as the film does not give any other information about his boxing career.

3 Wins (3 knockouts), 0 Loss, 0 Draws
Res. Opponent(s) Type of Win/Loss Rounds Date Location Notes
Win United States Sonny Liston Unknown 12 1969 United States Las Vegas Told according to nuns in film
Win Unknown Unknown 12 1973 United Kingdom Cardiff, Wales Told according to Tom Jones
Win Martian Ambassador Knockout 2 1995 United States Las Vegas The first stage of an attempt to distract the Martians while the others escape via plane. There were 2 actual rounds: Round 1 began when Byron challenged the Ambassador to fight him, and ended when Byron knocked the Ambassador out via fracturing its helmet. Round 2 began when the two continued to fight shortly after and ended when the Ambassador was killed.
Loss 50 Martians Knockout Varies 1995 United States Las Vegas The second stage of an attempt to distract the Martians while the others escape via plane; Byron was knocked down but survives when the Martians are killed when their brains exploded later.


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