Burton "Lucky Dog" Richardson is an American martial artist, author, instructor, and fight choreographer. Richardson focuses primarily on functional street self-defense, but also coaches MMA to some of the top UFC fighters in the industry, including UFC middleweight contender Chris Leben. He is an instructor in several arts under many martial arts legends, including Dan Inosanto, Chai Sirisute, Larry Hartsell, Antonio Ilustrisimo, and Egan Inoue.[1] Richardson is also an original Dog Brother.


Born and raised in Carson, California, Burton was voted “Most Likely To Succeed” at Carson High School and was elected president of the Ephebians Honor Society. He attended USC where he was a biology major along with the grueling “Thematic Option” four year honor program for writing and literature. He also played baseball alongside Randy Johnson and Mark McGuire. After college, Burton took a year off to rest and pursue his love of the martial arts. He began his training in 1979 and enrolled at the original Kali/Jun Fan Academy run by Sifus Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo.

Martial Arts Training

Burton Richardson has studied extensively with many of the finest instructors in the world. He has spent years researching, teaching, and training all across the United States, in the Philippines, China, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa. He has full instructor credentials in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Jun Fan Gung Fu, and Filipino Kali under Guro Dan Inosanto. He is also a Full Instructor in the JKD Grappling Association under Sifu Larry Hartsell. His Muay Thai instructorship was awarded by Master Chai Sirisute, while the title of “Guru” was achieved in Indonesian Pentjak Silat under Pendekar Paul de Thouars. Burton Richardson earned his instructorship in Kali Ilustrisimo after rigorous training in Manila under Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo, Master Tony Diego, and Master Christopher Ricketts. He also has a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under World Champion Egan Inoue. Burton has trained extensively with many other top BJJ exponents including the Machado Brothers, Carlson Gracie, Baret Yoshida, Charuto Verissimo, and Marcelo Garcia. Richardson has even journeyed as far away as the villages of KwaZulu Natal where he has made several trips to study Zulu stickfighting with Zulu warriors.

JKD Unlimited

Burton Richardson founded Jeet Kune Do Unlimited with "Bruce Lee’s idea of constant improvement with a street emphasis, along with the notion that there are no limits to our potential."[2] Richardson's programs all focus on street-fighting applications with a strong emphasis on sparring in training. With students all over the United States, South America, Europe, and Australia, Jeet Kune Do Unlimtied certification programs include MMA For The Street and Battlefield Kali.[3]


Burton Richardson is an actor, writer, producer, director, stuntman and fight choreographer who has been featured in movies such as:

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Training Videos


  1. Wind and Rock : Intro to JKD philosophy, techniques and training methods


  1. Choke ‘Em Out : Choking techniques
  2. Science of the Fight : Realistic street self-defense
  3. Quickstart Curriculum (MMA for the Street)
  4. Battlefield Kali Single Stick
  5. Battlefield Kali Knife


Published by Budo International
  1. Choke ‘Em Out The Book
  2. In the Footsteps of Bruce Lee: Collection of articles by Burton Richardson


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Burton Richardson as a regular columnist for Inside Kung Fu magazine for eleven years, and now writes for Budo Magazine, as well as Ultimate MMA.


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