Bruce Halison, (born June 13th, 1988) is a writer. His works spanned over novels, novelettes, short stories and short-short stories. Bruce had published multiple short stories in Smashwords.


The surname, Halison is easily confused as Harrison. Bruce made his motto: BRUCE HALISON, NOT 2 “R”s but 1 “S” so that readers and fans alike can remember this.


Birth and family

Bruce Halison was born in Malaysia, a third world country where he was exposed to various religions and cultures in East Malaysia. Various places in Borneo gave him inspiration in his writings later in his life. In his twelve-year-old, Bruce was moved to Mcfarland, California together with his family and cousins. He experienced difficulty in adapting different languages and cultures there, however everything had turned out well several years later. Bruce has one elder brother and two younger brothers. All siblings are male. His father worked as a construction foreman whereas his mother is a businesswoman. Bruce is a part-time writer, currently works at California as a teaching engineer.

Inspirations in his works

Bruce exposed to various cultures since childhood, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, the minority races in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia. In his adolescent years, he learned about American pop cultures and several others. In his story, the inspiration came from nature itself. He altered the “natural” into “supernatural”. His works is thus characterized by magic, sorcery, witchcraft and wizardry and occasional romance. Bruce liked to use floras as his book covers. Bruce claimed himself he is a story-bearer, not a literalist. In his point-of-view what made a story is the flow of the story and its details. It is definitely not how much irreverent details the author embellished his/her story. His style of writings can be described as clear and simple and “straightforward-to-the-point”. The prose style is important in his writings but it doesn't necessarily be redundant and too "superfluous".

Religious View

Bruce was raised as a Buddhist. However he studied superficially every single religion. Bruce is particular fancy of religions especially the myths and legends thereof. He had even used some parts of these beliefs in his writings.

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