Bruce B. Baker Jr. (author)

Name: Bruce "Bud" Barry Baker Jr.

Born: September 20, 1966 Cincinnati, Ohio United States

Occupation: Novelist

Nationality: American

Genre: Science

Bruce B. Baker is an American author of science fact, science fiction, and self-help books.


Born in Cincinnati Ohio to an American father and German mother, Bruce B. Baker is one of four children. After a turbulent childhood in which he lived with numerous foster families, he settled in Florida at the age of 11. He was "always writing", even from a young age. Having left college prior to receiving his degree, he worked numerous jobs but never strayed far from his aspirations of writing. "Writing didn't always pay the bills," he said in an interview in February 2012, "but if you are a writer, you write, it is as simple as that." With the success of his "Brain-Treks" book, he decided to try something different and hoped to get children excited about science. His "Big Bang Bunnies" uses anthropomorphized rabbits to teach about the stars and planets. "Kids aren't dumb, why treat them as if they were?" he has been quoted as saying. "I hope that parents read this book to their children and learn right along with them."

Bruce B. Baker currently works at the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville Florida and is working on his next novel.


Brain-Treks (2009)

Big Bang Bunnies (2010)

The Earthling/Alien Chatroom (2011)

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