Broken and Unreadable is a web-comic by William Melancon Jr that satirizes several aspects of the United States Marines Corps, with emphasis on the life of enlisted Infantry Marines. The Comic was first published on Facebook as a moral booster for Charlie Company, First battalion Third Marines. The comic strip went public on May 23, 2012. The comic centers around a non-specific fire-team, known as "Team One" or "First Team". First team is part of 1st squad, 1st platoon. Team one's company designation is never mentioned, and it is known simply as "the company". While most of the comic feature members of Team One, other recurring characters will make appearances from time to time, such as corpsman and various civilians. The name Broken and Unreadable derives from a common radio response, which tells the receiver they cannot be understood and will have to send their message again.[1]


Lance Corporal Gerald Meaux
Meaux, (pronounced Mo) was the first recurring character in the strip, and has been present since the beginning, in some from or another. Meaux is from the Acadiana region of Louisiana. Meaux in laid back, and often fails to acknowledge many of the antiquated rules and regulations of the Marine Corps, much to the disdain of his higher ups. Despite his general disregard for becoming a PME complete. Meaux is a Designated Marksman and a Rifle Coach. Meaux is also CLS and combat hunter certified. Meaux wears an Acadiana flag on his flag, denoting the area of his birth.[2]

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