Broadwood Clyde Scottish Amateur Football Club are a Sunday League team who play in the SFA endorsed Scottish Supporters League.

Founded in 1994 by Donnie Gray, who also Managed the team and played in over 20 matches. Donnie Gray relinquished management duties to Eddie Gillhoulley in 1996.

The Club was reformed in 2004 after lack of players saw the club unable to complete it's fixture list in 1999/2000.

Paul Heron, Sam Bryant and Chris McGee, endearingly named The Three Amigos engineered the clubs revival and became three of it's most notable players also.

After entirely re-building the playing staff, many honours were to follow including several cup victorious and culminating in the triumphant First Division Championship success of 2007 under the management of The Three Amigos. Paul Heron and Sam Bryant no longer represent the Club, however Chris McGee still makes cameo appearances to the delight of an adoring, loyal fanbase.

Recent years have seen the club maintain it's first division status without reaching the dizzy heights it acheived under it's previous management

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