Bridget and a Baby is a series of movies by an independent filmmaker. It follows Bridget Stone, a wiser than her years 19-year-old who leaves her Philidelphia condo to visit California for a week over the summer. While there, she meets a 17-year-old single mother of a 3-month-old baby daughter, Amanda. Lorelai Bourbon (the mother) was dishoned by her parents when she found out that her long-time boyfriend, Stanley Wentz, had impregnated (and later broken up with) her. Young Lorelai struggles to raise Amanda and is strongly considering putting her up for adoption. But when Bridget connects with Amanda, she and Lorelai have a long talk and decide that Bridget will take Amanda home with her at the end of the week. On Thursday, the day of departure, Bridget takes Amanda onto the plane with her and has Lorelai's cell phone number. Upon arriving in Philly, Bridget soon realizes what she got herself into (she was responsible and did not get pregnant as a teen, yet still must raise and care for this baby). She calls Lorelai and tells her she is simply not ready to be a mother; Lorelai says she understands and begins to cry, then says she'll fly into Philly that night and take Amanda back and apologizes for the inconvenience. Lorelai calls back a few hours later and says she cannot get on a flight until tomorrow afternoon and says she will come (spending all of her limited savings) and take Amanda back with her. Bridget says okay, and puts Amanda to sleep. At 2am, Amanda wakes up screaming and hysterically crying and Bridget says to herself she's glad she only has one night with her and gets up to quiet Amanda. Her diaper is not dirty, she refuses a bottle and does not like a blanket wrapped around her or a cold towel on her neck. Just as Bridget is ready to give up, she begins to rock and sing lullabies to Amanda, and Amanda stops crying and falls asleep. Bridget realizes that she wants to provide a good home for Amanda and calls Lorelai first thing in the morning to tell her. Bridget takes care of Amanda throughout the movie and many things occur. First, the movie focuses on the common developmentary acheivements of Amanda, and then it moves into Mommy & Me, including the instructor, Miss Kimmy, an annoyingly perky thirtysomething woman who could not find love, and therefore never bear children, so her devotion is placed completely into her instructor position at Mommy & Me. Bridget feels out of place there and Amanda will never stop crying in class. The final segment of the movie is preparation and occurrence of Amanda's first birthday party, a big bash at a play gym with all of Bridget's friends, Miss Kimmy, and all of the moms & kids from Mommy & Me. The party is a success, featuring a large Elmo character (person in costume), a giant Sesame Street cake and juice boxes (spiked with vodka for the adults). The movie ends shortly after Amanda's first birthday party, with Bridget saying to her best friend, Lynn Schneider, that she made it through Amanda's first birthday and now they only had to get through 17 more until she was no longer responsible for her, if they both lived that long.

For the sequel, see "Bridget and a Baby II: Bathroom Troubles"

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