Brian Goes Imagining                                      By:TeamSlash

Brian Goes Imagining is about a boy name Brian who travels to find his friends,but that is not that only thing happening.In an other world,a team called Team Dark is on a quest to her friend she met before on a island when they were young.While they are in search of friends a galexy called Hero Galexy is collapsing because of a other team.Brian has to save the world!He goes on five adventures but,will he do it.the first adventure is about him going home,the second is about him saving planet Airemin,the third is about him meting his friend,the fourth is about him saving Hero Galexy,and last is about him finding his friends after they were destroyed.The story was made for five years by TeamSlash's imagination and was never wrote down.the stroy could be lost forever if the creator never tells it.

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