Brian S. Diehl is an American artist[1], humorist, author and marketing genius[2] living in Northeast Ohio.


Diehl has responsible for the creation and publication of several books. His reprint of "How to Enter Vaudeville"[3] occasionally sells on, while his original book "As Easy As ABIDE"[4] stands as the first alphabet primer based on the American movie, "The Big Lebowski." He is currently working on a book focusing on marketing community theatres.

Diehl is responsible for having Paul Dixon's Guinness World's Record for the most synonyms for one word ("drunk") being removed from the record book. Diehl is currently managing a list of more then 3,500 words (Dixon's "record" was 2,964).


Diehl has been in more than 40 live theatre productions across Northeast Ohio and the Chicagoland area. This includes 4, two-man shows including Joe Sears and jaston Williams' "Greater Tuna," "A Tuna Christmas," "Red, White and Tuna" and David Mamot's "A Life in the Theatre."

He can be seen in the film[5], "Fun Size," a Paramount film to be released October 12, 2012.

Creative Projects

Brian Diehl, along with several friends, has led efforts to win the Lebowski Fest group costume contest six times (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 [in Louisville, KY; Columbus, OH and New York, NY]).

Diehl is the founder of the International Union of Minions and Henchpeople: Benevolent and Evil[6], an entertainment-based web site offering minnions and henchpeople a variety of protections and services - including membership, t-shirts, pins and Actors' Inequity[7], an organization dedicated to offering resources to the world's unpaid actors.


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