Bravest Warriors is an American animated web series created by Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, for Cartoon Hangover. The animated series began streaming on Frederator's Cartoon Hangover channel on YouTube from November 8, 2012.[1] Set in the far future, the series follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions.[2] The series is based on a short produced for Frederator's Nicktoons Network animation incubator series Random! Cartoons that aired on January 10, 2009. A comic book adaptation published by Kaboom! Comics launched on October 24, 2012.[3]


  • Chris Kirkman (voiced by Charlie Schlatter (pilot), Alex Walsh (web series)): The leader of the Bravest Warriors. He has a crush on Beth. His weapon is a little bee.
  • Beth Tezuka (voiced by Tara Strong (pilot), Liliana Mumy (web series)): The female member of the Bravest Warriors. Her weapon is a cat'o'nine tails with cat heads.
  • Wallow (voiced by Dan Finnerty (pilot), Ian Jones-Quartey (web series)): The offbeat and smartest member of the Bravest Warriors. His glove contains a computer A.I. named Pixel (voiced by Maria Bamford) who gets jealous easily. His weapon is a falcon axe.
  • Danny Vasquez (voiced by Rob Paulsen (pilot), John Omohundro (web series)): The snarky, cool inventor of the team. His weapon is a dog gatling gun.
  • Plum: (voiced by Tara Strong) First appeared in the comic book and will be introduced in Gas Powered Stick.[4] Plum is the unofficial 5th Bravest Warrior. She has an ancient and wise 2nd personality that lives in her second brain
  • Emotion Lord (Voiced by Breehn Burns) An old human who has very emotional powers. In Lavarinth it is discovered that the Emotion Lord is Chris from the future.[5]


# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep1" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">1</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Time Slime" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>November 8, 2012 (2012-11-08)</td><td id="pcBW102">BW102</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #00bfff" colspan="6"> ...or be forever stuck in a time loop! With their parents gone, the Bravest Warriors must step up. Wallow connects with a love from his past and The Bravest Warriors must save Glendale, or be forever stuck in a time loop![6] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep2" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">2</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Emotion Lord" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>November 15, 2012 (2012-11-15)</td><td id="pcBW103">BW103</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #00bfff" colspan="6"> Emotions run high on the Bravest Warriors' ship when Danny contracts Zgraxxis fever and Wallow must perform surgery. Meanwhile, a mysterious old man has appeared, distracting everyone from the task at hand. Chris must contain his anger and save Danny, or else put all of his friends in mortal peril. Also, Beth has a tail.[7] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep3" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">3</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Butter Lettuce" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>November 29, 2012 (2012-11-29)</td><td id="pcBW101">BW101</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #00bfff" colspan="6"> Dark abomination of the Wet Mounds of Nardacorn, Chris is taking his sweet time in the bathroom! As Chris, Wallow, and Danny hog the Holo-John with their fantasies, they prevent a certain member of the Bravest Warriors team from getting a fresh start to her day.[8] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep4" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">4</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Memory Donk" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>December 6, 2012 (2012-12-06)</td><td id="pcBW106">BW106</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #00bfff" colspan="6"> These are the facts: the Bravest Warriors are on a bus. Their destination: somewhere. Their goal: ... something. Wait, who are the Bravest Warriors, anyway? The team must remember their identities before they crash into the NeoMars Convention Center. Things looks pretty grim for the Bravest Whoevers, but at least they have plenty of bread.[9] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep5" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">5</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"The Bunless" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>December 13, 2012 (2012-12-13)</td><td id="pcBW105">BW105</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #00bfff" colspan="6"> The fate of the planet Bunless 9 depends on the Bravest Warriors overcoming their adolescent fears of intimacy in order to prevent an apocalypse. Will love prevail through time, space, and fleshy buttocks?[10] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep6" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">6</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Lavarinth" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>December 20, 2012 (2012-12-20)</td><td id="pcBW107">BW107</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #CCCCFF" colspan="6"> In a shocking encounter, the Emotion Lord returns to help the Bravest Warriors in destroying the firebugs' hive. That is, if he doesn't get them killed first. Chris learns about fate, the future, and the importance of vitamin B-12. Remember to take your vitamins, kids![11] </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep7" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">7</th> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"Gas Powered Stick" </td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td>Breehn Burns</td><td> ()</td><td id="pcBW104">BW104</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #CCCCFF" colspan="6"> After a relaxing day by the lake, the Bravest Warriors make an extraordinary—and attractive—new friend. As the boys vie for her attention, Impossibear finds a mysterious stick that sprouts unforeseen consequences from Chris's forehead. Chris discovers that with great power, comes great responsibility—but also lots of emotion.[12] </td></tr>


Pilot episode

The original pilot episode was created in 2006 and aired on Nicktoons Network's Random Cartoons showcase in 2009, a month following the airing of the pilot for Ward's other series, Adventure Time. The seven minute short follows the Bravest Warriors as they fight against a wild 'Tickle Monster'.[13]

Web series

Bravest Warriors launched on their Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel as part of YouTube's funded partner program. The series began streaming from November 8, 2012. The series features new character designs and casting from the original pilot.[14] Breehn Burns, Will McRobb, and Chris Viscardi developed and executive produced the Bravest Warriors series for Frederator Studios. Burns, writer and director of Bravest Warriors, is the co-head of Lone Sausage Productions and the co-creator of the award-winning animated short, Dr. Tran. McRobb and Viscardi got their start on shows such as Doug and Ren & Stimpy, and went on to create Pete & Pete and Kablam! The main theme song is performed by Peter Berkman and John Baken.[15]

Comic book

A comic book adaptation of Bravest Warriors by Boom! Comics at San Diego Comic-Con[16] began publication on Boom!'s kaboom! label from October 24, 2012.


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