Brand Journalism


Brand journalism started in the 1980s and is current. [1]

The says, “Brand journalism is one of today’s most effective methods to bring alive the vision, passion and solid purpose of innovative companies determined to achieve leadership in today’s fiercely competitive world.” [2]

Brand journalism is companies telling their own online stories.[3]

Brand journalism is a mixture of real news and corporate storytelling, created by professional journalists. it is not the traditional style of announcements, promotions or press releases.[4]

How it works

  • expose the uniqueness of a company’s products, services, people and community by making feature stories and profiles to attract curious readers.
  • short stories (about 250 words) to explain why something is special.
  • balance between authenticity and style.

brand journalism is a form of promotional writing. [5]

Is related to corporative communication.[6]


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