Brainfood Tutoring is a California based in-home tutoring service for students attending elementary school through college and graduate school. Brainfood Tutors provide academic coaching and tutoring assistance for all school subjects and levels including mathematics, language arts, history, mathematics, foreign language and standardized test preparation. In addition to in-home tutoring, Brainfood offers online video-chat tutoring sessions, and tutoring at neutral tutoring sites including local libraries, cafés and coffee houses.

Brainfood Tutoring's blog offers educational news bites pertinent to the communities it serves. The official Facebook fan page of Brainfood Tutoring offers a variety of parent tips, educational information, fun facts and educational news.


Founded in 2010 by educator Jeffrey Smith, Brainfood Tutoring has since served thousands of students in Los Angeles County, San Diego County and San Francisco County.


In 2012, Brainfood Tutoring expanded to include service throughout Orange County.

Test Preparation

Brainfood Tutoring provides test preparation services for an array of standardized tests, including: [1]



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