A demon named Arunasura acquired immense power after he pleased Brahma with his devotion. He received boon that any creature with two or four legs would not be able to kill him.He became a menace. He troubled the saints and innocent people and forced them to stop Yajanas and Havans. Thus it so happened that there were no rains and hence there was draught all over. Devas thus went to goddesss Durga and requested her to destroy Arunasura.Goddess agreed. She took the form of a beautiful women and appeared in the garden of the demon while he was roaming there. When he saw a beautiful lady in his garden he was taken by her beauty and intensity on her face. He proposed the lady to which the goddess replied that she is his death and he should be afraid of her. He got enraged and took out his sword to attack the goddess.Goddess turned herself in to a stone. To this stone the demon attacked with his sword. From the point where the sword hit the stone came out thousands of bees of six legs and stung the demon to death. From this time onwards the devi stayed there in the form of Bhramaramba or bhramambika.

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