Brachiosauride are an experimental sludge metal band formed in 2011. The actual project started in August 8, 2011 when the band members worked on their very first song later named "The Crawling Chaos" and made available in their first studio-album Excavations. According to most of the critics they play a fusion brand of sludge metal while their music covers a vast range of rock, metal and blues.[1][2]

As Brachiosauride have stated on their official biography, they are influenced by 50s blues, 60s psychedelic rock, 70s progressive rock, 80s doom metal, thrash metal and hardcore punk, 90s sludge, noise music, grindcore, stoner rock, mathcore and experimental music, to create a brand of music that gives the listener a unique experience; with creating a sonic texture of each song’s concept, both musically and vocally.[3]

Extremely progressive tracks, unorthodox power chords, odd timings, numerous tempo changes and unpredictable guitar lines are all of the unique features of Brachiosauride's music.

First Studio Album


Brachiosauride's first record called "Excavations" released in September 2011 and it's been available as a free download on their official website. Excavations is a concept album running over 37 minutes to define its surreal storyline, according to the website "Holy Grail From Hell" it's based on some adventure philosophies and universal themes most likely to Mastodon's Blood Mountain.[4][1]


Several notable websites (in Sludge scene) have reviewed Excavations such as Heavy Planet, Holy Grail From Hell, Stoner Rock PE and The Sludge Lord. Heavy Planet praised the album calling it "A journey that is exhausting, cumbersome, fresh, and enlightening, From the sludge roll of Summon the Speechless and The Crawling Chaos to the serene acceptance of Horizon of the Black Sun and Birds and Spirits, listeners acquaint themselves with a band that seemingly does it all". Holy Grail From Hell also favored Excavations calling the song "Arrow of Time" an ultra-sonic raw track almost like Slayer's "Supremist" that turns into a multi-layered complex Prog song like Mastodon's "Divinations" or "Capillarian Crest".[5][1][2]


External links

  1. Brachiosauride's Official website

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