About Bout Money was founded by(Kola Mack) in 2009 based upon a former group that he was involved in called ABC Squad. He seen this as a way to shine light on the city of Milwaukee and to show the world how much talent resides in such a overlooked city. So he set out in search of success in a place we know as Atlanta, GA. At the time Kola was only 17 years of age and hadn't yet finished high-school. While in Atlanta he made contact with Multi Platinum producer Zaytoven in which he received great advice and motivation to continue to move forward. Later, he was introduced to Tupac Shakur's former group The Outlaw Immortals in which he also received great advice and motivation but that just wasn't enough for the young 17 year old. Soon after he was introduced to another guy(anonymous) who played a huge role in the success of 1017 Bricksquad who really saw something in the young kid from Milwaukee, WI. Taking Kola under his wing and showing him the ropes of the business, it was finally time to prove that he had what it took to be a star. "Standing in a booth in a multi million dollar studio with a million and 1 people I dont recognize haha I can admit i'm nervous" stated the young artist/ceo. But with no hesitation he got his first song done. Although, it feature it was a good chess moves for the future star landing on a track from Duke former member of Boyz n da Hood (Bad Boy South/Block Entertainment artist). After receiving the news about DUKE liking the track he was relieved to finally be on his way(STILL UNRELEASED). But, after negotiating business Kola felt it would be best to end all ties and continue to build his own label as a independent so he set out back to Milwaukee, WI where it all started. Now the company is slowly surfacing itself into the lime light in the local area of Wisconsin but has great potential to be a power house in the big leagues. Mission "We want to represent the city of Milwaukee and our company to the fullest extent. In five years we look forward to establishing Bout Money as a recognizable logo, mogul, and brand. We will be promoting hundreds of albums, movies, magazines, etc and expanding into other markets and areas of business." stated the young CEO Company Overview We are a organization ready to make a splash in every industry. We currently have crews for graphics, music, videos, modeling, and short films. BOUT MONEY STANDS FOR B)BOYZ O)OFTEN U)UNHEARD T)TO M)MEN O)OPERATING N)NEW E)ECONOMIC Y)YOUTH

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