Borderland Beat is a prominent English language narco-blog [1] which has the stated purpose of reporting on the Mexican Drug War. The blog was started in April 2009 by a single person who maintains his anonymity behind the screen name Buggs, and he remains the sole owner. On average, there are between 3 and 4 news stories posted each day by a small group of individuals working together on an informal basis.

Editorial policy is assisted by an open forum which runs in parallel to the main news pages, and where daily news items are discussed both before and after posting on the main page, together with many other topics. The forum runs in a self-contained way within the blog and is hosted by Nabble.

As of May 2012 the blog has had over 23 million visits since the introduction of a stats counter in December 2009.

The blog expresses no editorial or political view itself; all political and editorial commentary comes from readers' comments and postings in the forum.

Wikipedia frequently refers to Borderland Beat for source material on various subjects to do with the Mexican Drug War [2].


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