Booze Carriage is an online service that delivers beer, wine and spirits to New York City in 30-60 minutes.[1] This start-up was created by Rob Matzkin in 2012. They partner with local stores to provide customers with competitive pricing, so they will be paying the same amount or lower than the store. Booze Carriage offers free delivery to almost all of Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn and Queens and the delivery minimum is $20. In regards to Manhattan, beer delivery is 24/7 and wine/liquor delivery operates between normal liquor store hours.[2] Brooklyn and Queens delivery also operates between normal beer/wine/liquor store hours. Pertaining to New York State Law, beer and mixers are separated from wine and liquor, as they must be two separate transactions.[3] As long as the consumer orders within the delivery hours which are listed on the website, they will receive their order within the 30-60 minute time slot. Although Booze Carriage offers same day delivery, there is also the option of having an order sent for a specific date and time and it may also be sent as a gift. Booze Carriage may be used for personal orders or for larger orders such as parties and corporate office environments.[4]

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