Boondocks USA Truck Stop is located on the outskirts of Williams, Iowa, on exit 144 of Interstate 35 (I-35). Boondocks USA has sold over 475,000 caps and thousands of t-hirts bearing the words Boondocks USA.

Despite the fact the location is part of Williams, truckers are known to log "Boondocks, Iowa," as a location in their logbooks, not realizing the location is not a municipality.

According to a menu at the truck stop, containing the commonly accepted history of Boondocks USA, the business was opened on June 5, 1973. Bob and Maria Welch, owners and founders, were raised on farms in the MaxwellBondurant area nearby. On Bob's childhood farm there was a secluded 12-acre (0.20 ha) parcel across a small creek in the far northwest corner of the farm. It was overgrown with wild grapevines and will trees. A small creek was also there. Bob played in the area where he made imaginary forts, pretended he was on jungle trails, and so forth. His family always referred to the area as The Boondocks.

When Bob planned the Boondocks Truckstop-Motel complex, his chosen site was a cornfield several miles from any populated area. I-35 was under construction at that time and the completed portion of the highway ended at this location for several years. Bob had five business names chosen for consideration. Boondocks USA was the final choice.

Coordinates: 42°28′16″N 93°34′05″W / 42.4712°N 93.5681°W / 42.4712; -93.5681

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