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Bookvika Publishing is one of a number of print on demand publishing companies or 'imprints' of those companies. It advertises titles that are printed off as physical books once payment is received, on online booksellers, including Amazon.

Publishing modelEdit

All of Bookvika's titles are copied from Wikipedia using automated software, usually without any subsequent editing of Wikipedia content. They contain, therefore, material freely available online but packaged between two covers as a book.

The two "editors" or "authors" of all Bookvika products were, as of December 2012, Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn. in the  USA listed 185,225 publications by Ronald Cohn.,[1] suggesting this was the current extent of the Bookvika offering.

In December 2013, Amazon listed 34 publications by Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn, of which only 5 were currently available.  They were avaliable in paperback for $18.

The domain name is listed in Moscow but inactive.[2]


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