Bolita de la bondad



La "Bolita de la bondad", also brief initials; BDB, it's a group of seven persons who met at last year of secondary school in Guadalupe Victoria, also known as "El 43". They; Francia, Grecia, Vianney, Nayeli, Edith, Claudia and Carmen, weren't friends at all, only known people that went to the same classroom. Francia, Grecia and Vianney were friends since primary school. Grecia and Vianney are cousins. Claudia and Edith met at secondary school. Edith and Nayeli are cousins. Carmelo came to the group at the end when they all talked to each other. Everything was about a guy they didn't liked, but that's a story that nobody will know . .. Just them.


2010 When they were in the last year of secondary school, they had lots of final homework to do. Their artistic teacher assigned them to do a play, commercial or a movie, of course they prefer to do a movie. They didn't know what it is going to be about but they were excited about it. They improvise it all, everything were emerging at the time they were filming. They had such a great and funny movie, it was called "No es otra tonta película de Carmelo". By the way they got an A.

Later in 2012, when they were on first grade of COBACH, they tried to do a personal movie about Grecia escaping from the psychiatric center, but there was hard times and stopped filming.

It was in 2013 when they decided to continue doing the movie, from the start, but this time with a friend, Julio. Julio is a good friend of them. Now it has the same story, but it is an horror movie.

"And since that day, movies are such best know."

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