Boid is a Twitter software application designed specifically for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Like other clients, it uses Twitter's API to allow users to perform operations that are available from Twitter's web interface. Since its first alpha release on March 4, 2012, its use has grown significantly.[1] The developers are Aidan Follestad (from the United States), Phil Oakley, Graham Macphee (both from the United Kingdom) and Federico Zubani (from Italy). They started the project with Mike Stevens (from Australia), but Mike left after around a week.[citation needed] This was before the first release in the Google Play Store. Aidan Follestad had been working on "Peeper" for Android that would have been an Ice Cream Sandwich Twitter client, but Phil invited Aidan to join Team Boid. The entire team is very young; all members are under 17.[citation needed] Boid was conceptualized by Philip who later contacted Graham to see if he was interested. The pair then opened the offer to join the team on Twitter and received responses from Mike and Federico. The four developed designs and enrolled Aidan as the lead developer.

User Interface

Boid was designed to fit in with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.[2] The developers followed Google's design guidelines.[3]

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