Bobby Kumar Kalotee is an Indian American who made history in the United States as the first South Asian to run for the office of Lt. Governor of New York State in 2014.[1] He was the running mate of New York gubernatorial candidate, Steve Cohn in the November 2014 elections under the umbrella of the Sapient Party.[2]

Early Life

Bobby Kumar Kalotee hails from Punjab, India. He was born in penury and lived in slums. He was not deterred by ugly state of his early life. He rather saw the obstacles he faced as a chance to make a difference to his own life and that of others.[3]

Bobby left Punjab for Greece and Italy at a young age and later arrived America at the age of 21 without knowing the English language. While in the US, he did all sorts of menial jobs. He moved luggages, washed dishes , served as a bus-boy, sold balloons, shined shoes, worked inside ships just to earn a living and the learn the English language.[3]

Life as a Businessman

Bobby Kumar ventured into business while residing in the US. While he was working on menial jobs, he became known to many business people who advised and guided him to realize his potential in business. His English improved and with the knowledge he gained from these people he formed his own construction company. From there he also started several ventures such as environmental, manufacturing fire retardant coatings, micro brewery and publishing.[3]

Political Career

Republican Party

Bobby K. Kalotee started his political career in 1983 as a volunteer in the Republican Party Club in New York. Afterwards he became the chairman of the Republican volunteers in 1984. He coordinated the New York area campaign for President Reagan and George Bush. Due to his efforts in the Presidential election, he was asked to join Rudy Giuliani bid to become New York City Mayor.[3] He later served as a former vice chairman of the Republican Party of Nassau County, New York.[2]

Independence Party

In 2006, Bobby became the chairman of the Independence Party of Nassau County and in 2008 he became the state executive committeeman and Vice Chair.[2] As the Nassau County chairman along with the executive committees, he helped to select and elect senators, congress representatives, mayors, county executives and other politically elected officials in the national, state and local levels.[3]

Reform Party

Bobby K. Kalotee later joined the Reform Party. He created political history in the US as the first ever Indian American to head a political party at the national level in America. He was elected chairman of the Reform Party which is one of the six nationally recognized political parties in the USA.[3]

Sapient Party

Bobby Kalotee and Steven Cohn along with other political activist friends formed Sapient Party and decided to contest the 2014 elections.[1] Bobby is the current chairman of the party.[4] He was the party's candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor in the 2014 elections. The Sapient Party held a press conference and rally on September 8th, 2014 in New York City in support of its candidates; Steve Cohn and Bobby K. Kalotee for the November 2014 elections.[5] Nevertheless, Bobby and his party lost the election on November 4, 2014.[6]

Meanwhile,the Sapient Party according to Kalotee was launched to give political space to the minorities and new immigrants in the American politics.[7] The Sapient Party uses social media to garner support in ethnic, minority and communities of color. The party is a welcome addition to the diversity of American democracy.[8]

Public Service and Philanthropy

Bobby Kalotee served as a trustee of New York State University at Stony Brook.[2] He is currently serving as the International Chairman of Friends for Good Health; a charity organization that caters for the health and medical needs of humanity. Through this organization, Bobby takes trips annually to many countries with a group of doctors to treat the poor who require medical assistance.[9]

Recently, Bobby Kalotee as the Chairman of Friends for Good Health made a decision to join Ravi Kalra's Earth Saviour Foundation for a noble cause. The sole mission is to reach the poor and needy and be a blessing to them.[10]

In another recent development, President Joyce Banda of the Republic of Malawi appointed Bobby Kalotee as Malawi’s “Liaison Envoy” to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.[11] This appointment according to the president is done to bridge the gap between Malawi and the South Asian Countries.[12]

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