Blomap is a brand new innovative global social network. The name of Blomap originated initially by the merge of Blogs and Map. In fact, Blomap's members, which are called Blomappers, have their one user space where they can build up their own map, save locations from the global map, mark their points of interest, share and post wishes, reviews, pictures, videos, audios, events.

Blomap was born from an original idea of the founder Chiara Bolognini, who was moved mainly by the 2 motivations which Yale Law professor Yochai Benkler recognises as the 2 Wikipedians' motivations: - socio-psychological reward of interacting with others - the hedonic personal gratification of the task

How it works

The privacy filters available anytime the users upload, embed or post content enable them to decide, post by post, to whom show and with whom share content and locations. In addition to that members can search for new friends and travel buddies through a search engine or through the map and browse other members content in the global pages. The global pages and the members search engine incite users to make new friends and build networks.


The main language is English which has to be considered as a neutral language. In addition to that users can choose the language anytime they post or upload content. Moreover the possibility of filtering the global pages content per language triggers infinite possibility of interaction and first hand information gathered from all over the world. Blomap is therefore apt to fill not only the international tourism gaps which are often restrained by different languages inaccessibility but also the general languages restraints of a mono-language website.


Blomap is user centered and oriented. Because of that it is an open project in continuous development and enhancement. Members can use Blomap according to personal or business needs. People are able to invite friends to a dinner at home as well as to find new travel buddies for a world tour. Firms can make a show of their business and take care of relationships with customers through direct contacts. In order to protect members' privacy everyone is enabled to filter content and personal data.

The present

At present the main aim of Blomap is to create a strong community and involve people in generating relevant content in addition to make members enjoy all tools offered by the website for free. Interesting information categories are the Lost friends and Travel Buddies Wanted which members can mark on the map and share with the world in order to find missing friends or new travel buddies.

The future

Blomap has to be considered as an "undo" project as many User Generated Content projects are. The reason of that is to continuously adapt to users' needs. One of next Blomap's projects is to create the "Add Group" functionality which will strengthen existing bonds and possible networking among members. In addition to that an Event Calendar will enable users to organise their events in a more effective way. Last but not least an Iphone application, an internal affiliate marketing system, the Open ID, Open social gadgets, will be soon or later integrated in the project for the sake of the members.

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