Blackbone is an American Rap Metal band from Memphis, Tennessee, United States.


  • Josey Scott - Vocals
  • Chris D’Abaldo - Guitar
  • Shane Hutchison
  • Brian Hall
  • Rudy Forster
  • Trent Anderson
  • Tony Smith


Blackbone originated in Memphis, TN. Mostly playing the local club scene, but also expanding through the USA with a couple of tours. You may recognize the lead singers' voice, He is Josey Scott, lead singer of Saliva. Only two of Blackbone's members went on to form Saliva. Lead singer Josey Scott and guitarist Chris Dabaldo (who was later replaced by Johnny Montoya of Full Devil Jacket). They were definately a powerhouse in the 90's. Through a couple of member changes, starvation, temptation, intoxication, personal conflict, and confusion, they managed to make some of the coolest music to ever come out of Memphis. Some of the members have found success in music.




No. Title Length
1. "Meatcake"   3:49
2. "Falling Down"   4:30
3. "No Rules / Witchhold"   6:20
4. "Whatever"   4:30
5. "Suck"   3:56
6. "Clueless"   4:25
7. "Moshmellow"   4:10
8. "Mary"   4:06
9. "Black-White Bullshit"   3:58
10. "Stick-N-Move"   2:41
11. "Byron’s Side"   4:19
Total length:


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