Binnaks were members of multinational communities living in Ukraine, Poland, Southern Russia and other eastern European counties. There is some confusion over the spelling of the Binak name, with some preferring one 'n' and some '2' ('Binak' or 'Binnak'). This has reportedly been a source of in fighting between "Binnaks" born in the Polish mainland and those born in Ukraine- with the former preferring the double 'n' spelling.

Towards the end of the 17th century the Binnak people disseminated across Europe and faced persecution much in the same way that the Romani population did.[1]

The Russian revolution in the 20th century saw both sides persecute the Binak race in an attempt to get popular support of the Russian peasants, who were suspicious of the Binaks' mobility and lack of permanent residence.

This led to a wave of emigration, particularly to New Zealand and Australia. The high concentration of Binnaks led to a park being named in their honour in Victoria, Australia.[2]

There is also a football and cricket ground located adjacent to the park which is also named after the Binnak race.[3]

The Binak race is often confused with the Circassia, a people who were also persecuted by the Russians and who ceased to exist after Russia took over their land in 1864. The main source of this confusion appears to be the fact that the self styled Circassian prince Alan Djamirze of Circassia claimed to be of Binak royalty after a NSW Tribunal ruled against his claim to be of Circassian royal blood.[4] His claim to be a descendant of Binak royalty is currently being considered by the courts.

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