Better Courts for Missouri is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(4) organizaton which is dedicated to changing the way in which Missouri Judges are appointed.[1]


Better Courts for Missouri believes that the Missouri Plan has been taken over by a "good ol boy network" of trial lawyers.[2] They believe that the Appellate Judicial Commission, which is responsible for nominating judges, has become partisan, political, and secretive [3] Better Courts for Missouri has supported three bills which would change the composition of the Appellate Judicial Commission, and, make the process more accountable: HJR 48, HJR 51, and HJR 66.[1]

Initiative Petition

Better Courts for Missouri has submitted an initiative petition designed to change the composition of the Appellate Judicial Commission. People can sign the petition by going to their website.[1] Changes include:

  • Changing the number of members of the Missouri Bar appointed by the governor to three
  • Adding four laypersons appointed by the governor
  • Increasing the nominees submitted to the governor from three to five.
  • And allowing the governor to veto the selection given to him by the commission.[2]


Former Supreme Court Judge Chip Robertson has said, "The only thing that's transparent about this so-called coalition, and others like it, is their plan to destroy Missouri's courts." [4]

The group Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts has put out ads in opposition to Better Courts for Missouri, and has been increasingly critical of their policies.,[5]

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