Bethany Convent Senior Secondary School
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Service born out of Love
IndiaBethany Convent Senior Secondary School
Opposite Central Jail, Naini
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, 211008, India

Type Convent run Private School
Established 1965
Founder Late Rt. Rev Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas
School district Allahabad
Principal Sr. Oliva B.S - present
Faculty 100+
Grades Kindergarten - Intermediate
Enrollment 2450(approx.)
Campus Urban
Color(s) Yellow, Blue and Red            
Nickname Bethanites
Publication Bethany Tulips
Affiliations Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E), New Delhi
Information 0532 2697351
Acronym B.C.S.S.S

Bethany Convent Senior Secondary School(informally termed as B.C.S.S.S) is a Christian, private school situated at the banks of Holy river Ganga at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. It teaches students from class Kindergarten to Intermediate. B.C.S.S.S is one of the Senior Secondary Schools in Allahabad with excellent facility of education provided by a Convent run Organization, The Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore. The School was started in 1965 and is still running today with modern facilities available.

General Information

Bethany Educational Society

Bethany Convent Senior Secondary School, Allahabad was established in 1965 and is administrated by Bethany Educational Society, Mangalore, a Christian Religious Minority Institution.The Bethany Educational Society is registered under the societies' education Act XXI of 1860 No.17 of 1948-49/Its head is at Bethany Convent, Mangalore. All the members of Bethany Educational Society are catholic nuns belonging to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. The Society runs formal and non formal educational institutes all over the country.

Founder of B.C.S.S.S

Rt. Rev.Msgr. Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, the founder of the Congregation of the sisters of the Little Flowers of the Bethany, under whose patronage this school was established, was consumed by an indefatigable zeal for the education of the poor and marginalized specially for the total emancipation of Indian women and was convinced that it could be convinced that it could not be achieved without education. His spirit of service was supported by a strong scaffolding of prayer and faith in god. He was a man of vision, down to earth and compassionate. His charisma can be summarized in one phrase "Service born out of Love"

School Song

On March on
On, Bethanites on!
To the house Jesus loves
To the land Ganges flows
On March on
On, Bethanites on!

1. Let us work with all sincerity
And serve the nation honestly
As Martha served Jesus
Let’s serve our fellow humans
On March on
On, Bethanites on!

2. Let our hearts be an ocean of love
As Mary at Bethany prove
Let’s sow the seeds of love
Spread the fragrance high above
On March on
On, Bethanites on!
3. Hold your hands firm all Bethanites
Love all as brothers and sisters
Love and Service be your goal
Seek it with body, mind and soul
On March on
On, Bethanites on!

To the house Jesus loves
To the land Ganges flows
On March on
On, Bethanites on!

School Core Values

  1. God Experience
School helps the students to feel the presence of God from inside and in others and teach them to follow the ways of pray to God and to live.
  1. Compassionate Love for all, especially the poor and the marginalized
School motivates its staff and students to love the poor and the marginalized especially for the rural poor the girls.
  1. Communion, Collaboration, and Team Spirit
School develops the spirit of team work and foster communion and collaboration.
  1. Excellence in terms of developing each one’s Unique Potentialities and to build a Humane Community
School motivates the staff and the students to develop their multiple intelligence and also to develop their positive self-image and self-esteem. Also helps the students to seek the path of knowledge to truth, to make learning a happy experience of discovery and innovation.
  1. Truth, Love, Justice and Peace
The institution, its staff and its student’s respects, uphold the rights and dignity of every human being, always generous, transparent accountable, and peaceful.
  1. Simplicity of Life Style and Dignity of Labor
School motivates the students and staff to be always simple and realize the power of labor and community service.
  1. Respect for life, Nature, Cultures, Religions and Love for the Nation
School promotes love and profound respect for all forms of life, cultures, religions and nature.

Teaching Faculty

Name Gender Department Designation
Sr. Oliva BS Female General Principal
Sr. Subhashini Female All Subjects Vice-Principal
C.V.Padmaja Female Mathematics PGT
Deepak Kumar Male Physical Education PGT
Jerald P.D.Souza Male English PGT
Vimal Srivastava Male Computer(I.T) PGT
Vinod Kumar Pandey Male Physics PGT
Atibha Verma Female Accountancy PGT
Abdul Qadir Male Physical Education TGT
Abha Kakkar Female Social Science TGT
Anita Guleria Female Sanskrit TGT
Bipin Chand Gupta Male Mathematics TGT
Chitra Mishra Female Hindi TGT
Devendra K. Ragini Female Art and Craft TGT
Esha Hussain Female English TGT
Gitika Female Social Science TGT
Kshitij Raymond Danial Male Social Science TGT
Lily Mukharjee Female English TGT
Madhu Mishra Female Hindi TGT
Madhuri Mishra Female Hindi TGT
Mridu Prakash Female Biology TGT
Neera Milton Female Chemistry TGT
Neetika S. Kumar Female English TGT
Richard Male Social Science TGT
Seema Singh Female Dance TGT
Sr. Elen BS Female Biology TGT
Sr. Nancy Female Social Science TGT
Sulekha Mishra Female Social Science TGT
Sunil Kumar Gupta Male Mathematics TGT
Sunita Kumari Female Chemistry TGT
Tanuja Female Biology TGT
Vijeta Chawla Female Mathematics TGT
Anita Daud Female English PRT
Anita Tiru Philip Female Hindi PRT
Deepa Lamba Female All Subject PRT
Garima Khanna Female All Subject PRT
Madhavi Donald Female Hindi PRT
Madhu Gakkhar Female Art and Craft PRT
Manmohan Lal Jurry Male Music PRT
Miss Pooja Singh Female Computers(I.T) PRT
Miss Preeti Singh Female Physical Education PRT
Papia Dey Female All Subject PRT
Pooja Ghosh Female All Subject PRT
Poonam Joshi Female All Subject PRT
Poonam Sharma Female All Subject PRT
Preeti Mishra Female English PRT
Preeti Negi Female All Subject PRT
Rewa Sahai Female Hindi PRT
Sangeeta Acquila Female All Subject PRT
Shaista Rashid Female All Subject PRT
Shazia Fatima Female Dance PRT
Smita Singh Female All Subject PRT
Stella Kispotta Female All Subject PRT
Tresa Singh Female Mathematics PRT
Vimla Arora Female Physical Education PRT
Hemant Kushwaha Female Chemistry Lab Instructor
Daisy Female All Subject NTT
Margret Female Hindi NTT
Marian Decon Female All Subject NTT
Prema Tharan Singh Female Dance NTT
Ripsy Mehrotra Female All Subject NTT
Shalini Maria Female All Subject NTT
Sujatha Majumdar Female All Subject NTT
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