Benjamin Stephen Walters was born on 4 June 1984. Son of a man who served in the Royal Australian Air Force. Being forced to change schools growing up from his father being posted to different bases, he subconciously grow a disire for travel having adapted numerous times to human environments.

Benny often is reminded that he looks like his father, but not his brother Adam Karl Walters who is a qualified chemist. Adam is famously known around the hunter valley region as "the biggest douchebag known to man" after slipping over and face planting himself with his then girlfriend, now wife Kate on his back after walking home from the Toronto Hotel one Christmas Eve.

He has legendary status of his guitar playing ability, in fact he should of went "all the way" but known major Australian record labels have held him back because he is ahead of his time. This was said to disrupt the music industries market causing the labels to loose substantial investments.

Currently he resides in his hometown of Newcastle, Australia enjoying the relaxed paced lifestyle compared to his chaotic adventures, more notably in Europe.

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