Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi

Personal details

Birth name: Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi Spouse: Lawrence Ajayi Occupation: Pastor Worship Leader Health Care Specialist

Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi is the Vice President of Christ Foundation Church aka Immanuel Foundation worldwide ,the church is God’s church, Evangelistic ministry, worship & discipleship body of Jesus Christ in Edinburgh and London in the United Kingdom, presently making a positive impact in the world also adding values to the life of people, with branches world wide Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi preaches along with her husband Lawrence Ajayi during Christ Foundation Church aka Immanuel Foundation services and also evangelistic sermons which are broadcasted on Believe TV Sky Channel 596 .Other aspects of Christ Foundation Church aka Immanuel Foundation are Street to Street,City to City ,National and International Revival and Soul winning Crusades . She also train Ministers with her husband Lawrence Ajayi and partner with children of God worldwide to preach the gospel in all avenue of social network titled Internet Evangelical Ministries. She also co-started the Ministry’s Media Department with her husband which includes publishing, social networking and Television Ministry. They both also train Ministers who are Missionaries in the vineyard to use their Holidays as an avenue to reach out to souls in different countries worldwide with laudable results to the glory of GOD In the springtime of year 2012, ,Bennita and Lawrence Ajayi distributed one of Lawrence’s Best Selling Books ‘Divine Revelation And Open Doors’ Free to Drumbae Community and Neighbourhood in Edinburgh as a way of reaching out to the community and extension of Love as mandated by GOD. Contents • 1 History • 2 Family and heritage • 3 Christian ministry • 4 Awards and accomplishments • 5 Writings • 6 Further reading • 7 References • 8 External links


Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi was born in Lagos Nigeria to Mr Afam and Christianah Chigbufue . She studied Public Administration and she did several Health Care courses to Managerial status and she rose to the position of the Executive Director of Services in LAKEL Services United Kingdom,she also manages several homes in the United Kingdom.She is property developer and oil and gas investor.

Family and heritage

When she was in his midtwenties, she married Lawrence Ajayi. They have two children together Samuel Lawrence Ajayi Jnr ,Sarah Olaitan Ajayi. Bennita and Lawrence are strong supporter of Happy Home and Happy Marriage..Her origin is Obuluku in Delta State but she was born in Lagos Nigeria

Christian ministry

Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi and Lawrence Ajayi sermons are aired nationally and internationally over television, and satellite television. Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi also the Vice President of Immanuel Foundation School of ministry, Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi and Lawrence founded the Missionaries forum of the Ministry. Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi is also active in overseas ministry and outreach .. The ministry have special interest in the continent of Africa,and Asia, The Ministry held several Worship and Praise Covention in London, also Street to Street soul winning outreach in UK, India and Uganda. Accomplishments Bennita Funmilayo Sylvester Ajayi is a philantropist

Further reading

Biography. Apostle Lawrence Ajayi at

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