Benn Zarin McCord (born 31st Of May 2000) is a scottish actor, entrepreneur, author and reality star. McCord starred as a child on Scottish soap Rivercity before being killed off, he had no speaking parts within the show. He also featured on a pilot episode of BBC1 Scotland's "We'll Be Together" a war story but the show got bad reception and was axed after just one episode. He also filmed for reality series The Real Kids Of Glasgow City before being axed to make way for more accomplished stars.

The Real Kids Of Glasgow City

McCord filmed for the show for 4 series back in 2012. He was a main character on the show. The producers of the show claimed that McCord said "The show needs me I'm it's biggest f**king star. I'm not gonna come back unless I get a 60% pay rise" making the show axed him. He claims he turned down a offer to return. McCord told The Sun online he'd never ever return in a million years.

Benn Wine

McCord was the face of a 'Children's' non alcoholic wine company. His suppliers were supposedly caught scamming the star and are currently going through a suing process. They face court in front of McCords lawyers and the companies assets in March 2013 in Newcastle.


McCord has wrote one tell it all book" about his life and family. The book was not well revived from McCords family according to the star as he took to twitter to complain. The family are currently trying to stop the book going any further.

Personal Life

McCord is from American and French decent, he is Jewish and suffers from a rare form of depression. He told Orange Coast magazine that his family were 'disgusted' by his actions and attitude to life. McCord does not speak to one side of his family. His French connections relate to the De-leeps family. He also is a big supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation. McCord is a supporter of the Conservative Party and is a proud supporter of Celtic football club.

Other Work

McCord worked on scottish soap Rivercity in mid 2003 to early 2004 roughly 6 months. He told a family member that he wouldn't rule out ever returning to the soap as another character. In early 2010 he worked on a pilot episode for a new war drama "We'll Be Together" but the show was axed after just one episode. He has been a cast member of stage shows including Oor Hoose and Oz, he featured in the pantomime Pinocchio , Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in the Pavilion Theartre in Glasgow. In January 2013 he announced he was auditioning for a part in Waterloo Road but nothing has been confirmed on who will be filling the vacancy.


In the official Glasgow Socialite Club there has been servral rumours about McCord including he was going to make a stint on Radio Station Your Radio which McCord confirmed was untrue. According to friend Kraig Witon, McCord is looked down on with the Glasgow Socialite Club after discusting behaviour and truly awful manners. He was rumoured by the club to be taking part on Celebrity Big Brother 11 McCord and Channel 5 deny any interest in the show.

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