Beiimaan Love (English: Cheater Love) is a 2016 Hindi thriller film directed and produced by Rajeev Chaudhari. It stars Sunny Leone and Rajneesh Duggal and marks the acting debut of Daniel Weber and Ziesha Nancy.[2]

The film was released on 14 October 2016 to multiple reviews.[3]



Beiimaan Love released on 14 October 2016. The film was not promoted by Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber and Chaudhari claims that it was because he refused to chop off her intimate scenes in the film. “The duo is going through a psychological fear and box-office phobia. Sunny’s previous outings have not fared well. After seeing the rough cut, they wanted me to chop off intimate scenes between the actress and Rajneesh. Daniel claimed that he had contributed his bit by revamping Sunny’s films on the editing table. But I did not like his interference and requested them to avoid doing so. I think they got upset with my decision,” Chaudhari told Mid-Day.[5]

Critical reception

Times of India rated the film 2 stars and said, "If you are hankering for a Sunny Leone performance this weekend hop on to Baby Doll on Youtube and call it a day." and for Leone's performance, "Sunny Leone gets A for effort, because her struggle to rise up the content is evident"[6] Filmfare rated the film 2 stars and said "There are two good things about the film, one’s Sunny Leone and the other is the film’s music. Rest of the movie is jaded, overtly sentimental."[7] IBTimes rated the film 2 stars with appreciating Leone's performance and said, "Watch this Sunny Leone movie if your love for yourself is beiimaan."[8]BollywoodLife rated the film 1 star and said, "Sunny Leone gives her best shot to keep this bad piece of cinema together and the film is not worth your time"[9] Hindustan Times gave 0 stars to the film and said, "Beiimaan Love is a master-class in anger management. You sit through it and the world will be at your feet." [10] rated the film 2 stars and said, "It is silly to watch a Sunny Leone film and expect the seductress to act in it! Well, she can fake a thing or two (no, we are not hinting at her colorful portfolio). But you have to be honest with yourself as indeed with the faith of the filmmakers who cast Sunny in their movies."[11] The Indian Express said, "This is a cringe-fest from start to finish. Stay away. And wave bye bye to Sunny: when a film sinks this low, it’s hard to climb back up again."[12] Box Office India said,"While the film has the gusto to hold the plot together, it fails on implementation. It lacks punch and is mediocre fare."[13] Reporter Times rated the film 2.5 stars and said, "The film had featured a great set of comic scenes and connects to target audience very well. But it’s not a film for every type of audience, you can watch the movie for time-pass but don’t expect much from it. Sunny is not yet complete actress for bollywood films but she is improving very well. Overall its the best film by Sunny Leone so far."


No. TitleLyricsMusicSinger(s) Length
1. "Hug Me"  KumarRaghav SacharKanika Kapoor, Raghav Sachar 04:26
2. "Main Adhoora"  Sameer AnjaanSanjeev-DarshanYasser Desai, Aakasnsha Sharma 04:15
3. "Mar Gaye"  RaftaarManj MusikManj Musik, Nindy Kaur, Raftaar 03:11
4. "Pyaar De"  Abhyendra Kumar UpadhyayAnkit TiwariAnkit Tiwari 04:51
5. "Mere Peeche Hindustan"  Sameer Anjaan]Amjad-NadeemYasser Dessai, Sukriti Kakar 03:37
6. "RangReza (Female)"  Raqueeb AlamAsad KhanAsees Kaur 04:29
7. "RangReza (Male)"  Raqueeb AlamAsad KhanYasser Dessai 04:29
8. "Mar Gaye (Punjabi Version)"  RaftaarManj MusikManj Musik, Nindy Kaur, Raftaar 03:21
Total length:


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