Keith Steinbach, also known as Bebopvox is a popular Youtuber who mainly does Gaming videos. His most popular videos and series are "Don't Mine At Night" "I found a Diamond" and his popular series "Minecraft Monday Show" and "The Vox Of Gaming". He first did videos for in game weddings on the game Second Life he would then send these videos to the Bride and Groom on DVD.

Video Recording Career

Keith recorded second life wedding videos and tutorials. In 2003 while Keith was attending Columbia College Chicago he started a studio company with his friends called Natural Selection Studios. In January 2011 Keith's friend from work sent him a link to a game called Minecraft. He found hours of entertainment being blown up by Creepers, mining, building and watching his house countlessly burn down. The following month on Febuary 11th 2011 he made the first ever Minecraft Monday Show. He was originally going to call it "Whats Up in Minecraft" But his wife suggested the name "Minecraft Monday" and it has stuck. Bebopvox has been a big figure and inspiration for people who want to start Youtube channels and has currently 176,000 subscribers on Youtube and 35,000 twitter followers.


In 2005 Keith dropped out of college to join the United States Air Force. In 2007 Keith had a real life wedding of his own, with a girl he met in Second Life. In May of that year he moved to England with his Wife. Both of them are eager gamers and like to game together.

Links The official site for Bebopvox and Natural Selection Studios. (Used as a source) - Bebopvox's YouTube channel. Bebopvox's Twitter Feed. Bebopvox's Facebook Page. (Used as a source) - Bebopvox's wife's Twitter Feed

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