Beans flavored with aniseed

It is a commom snack in Shao Xing, Zhe Jiang provence in China. Man like eating it with Shao Xing Wine, women and children like eating it as a snack. It is a snack that plays a very important part in local people's life and full of local flaver.

How to cook it

1. Ingredient

broad bean, aniseed, salt, cassia

2. steps

1. Soak the beans in water for more than 4 hours until it swell up. Take the beans out of the water. 2. Put the beans into a pot. Add clean water till it drowns all the beans. Heat it till boil. 3. After boiling for 15 minutes, put aniseed, salt and cassia into the pot. Stir it. 4. Put the pot cover, lower the fire, boil for 1-2 hours till the beans become soft.

Beans flavored with aniseed in literature

Lu Xun, a famous short story writer in China, once wrote a short story named <Kong Yiji>, he made a lively discription about the Beans flavored with aniseed. Soon it was known to a lot of people. Many visitors traval in Shao Xing and buy beans flavored with aniseed. The small beans gain appreciation from the people and become more and more famous.

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