Bawane is an popular Kunbi sub-castes both in Berar and the Central Provinces, and take their name from the phrase Bawan Berar, a term applied to the province by the Mughals because they paid fifty-two lakhs of revenue, as against only eight lakhs realised from the adjoining Jhadi or hill country in the Central Provinces Mainly the Bawane’s are farmer and the other are well learned and works in Government and Private firms and now gaining the name all over the world.

Population wise they are most in Nagpur, Bhandara, Kuhi, Ramtek and Umred Tahsil.

Clans of Kunbis

Each sub caste of Kunbi community has various exogamous clans. Some of these clans are named after animals or certain villages. Bawane sub-caste has clans namely Dhenge, Dokarmare, Titarmare, Lute, Kantode, Patre, Naktode, Bagmare, Burud and others.

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