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The Battle of Barbrook Hall is yet to be confined to the pages of history, after a great alliance for many years the two adversaries just recently became interlocked in a test of courage, composure, and sheer mental ability.

The great battles of the past were fought fiercely with sword and axe, shield and arrow. This however, perhaps the greatest visualisation of the Scottish - English feud will only allowed the will of the brave men taking part and their right arm!

As come June 23rd in a small patch of land deep in English territory battle will rage until only one remains. The fate and social exclusion of the loser will rest firmly in the winners hands.

The 2 great warriors of Timothy "The Destroyer" Barbook (1st son of the Legendary Big Papa Barbrook of the Colchester Manor) and the Giant Like stature of James "touchy feely" Hall (1st son of Julie "the sound of music" Andrew of the feared homosexual Helensburgh Clan) is decided the fate of these 2 great nations through the grueling and cruel act that is ARMWRESTLING.

Who will stand, who will fall, either way The Scot is utterly outnumbered with "The Destroyer" surrounded by his men such as the Towering Tom "Wardy" Ward of the Colchester Manor, along with his a number of "The Destroyers" trusted men.

It will be an epic day that is for sure.

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