Bassel Abdallahar:باسل عبدالله(ar: باسل عبدالله ) Writer, poet, human rights & a civilian activist.

Early Life

Writer, poet, human rights and a civilian activist. from the town of Khiam in southern Lebanon. Born on April 9 of the year 1975 in the area of Hazmieh - Baabda. He completed his intermediate and complementary education at the Antonian College in Baabda and his university studies at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law and Political Science. Practiced law and joined the Beirut Bar Association.

Civil activity

He began his civil activity in 1998 to take over the coordination of campaigns against drugs in universities, and was in charge of the Media Affairs in the years 1999 and 2000 in these campaigns.

He joined the "Civil Society Movement" in the year 2001, a political movement community founded by a group of intellectuals led by Bishop Gregoire Haddad , to seek collaboration and partnership with bodies and members of the community, to build the Human community of every man, through policy of issues not the policy of people, and through nonviolent methods. as the Civil Society Movement contributes to in building a secular democratic free citizen.

He handled in 2005 the coordination among young secular Lebanese universities, and appointed since 2007 Coordinator of Public Relations and Media in the Executive Board of the Civil Society Movement. He was elected in 2009 Coordinator of the Civil Society Movement.


He has many articles, poems, drawings and numerous researches about the history of the Lebanese political, sectarian and secular and civil personal status laws, and the literary and philosophical Ages. He also has 4 published books.

Published books

- A novel "Rakan’s speech about time and its people" (ar: خطاب راكان في الزمان وأهله) in 2011 – published by Dar Al-Farabi.

- Book of poetry and thoughts "heart to heart" (ar: من القلب إلى القلب) in 2012.

- Book of poetry "Echo of the Unknown" (ar: صدى المجهول) in the year 2012 – published by The Arabic House of Science Publishers.

- Book "Civil Marriage in Lebanon - Reality and Prospects" (ar: الزواج المدني في لبنان - الواقع والآفاق) in the year 2012 - published by The Civil Society Movement & friedrich ebert stiftung 2012

- Civil Marriage Law Project (ar: مشروع قانون الزواج المدني الإختياري) with the Legal Committee in the Civil Society Movement - in the year 2010 – Published by the Civil Society Movement.

- He contributed in editing the Civil Communication Magazine - Tawasol Madany (ar: تواصل مدني) since 2007.

- He lectured about sectarian and secular civil state, and the issue of civil personal status laws and civil marriage, and in the history of civil society in Lebanon and non-sectarian secular youth.

Secularism and the Civil Society Movement

He Contributed in defining secularism as is the overall look of the human society and thought with an aim to confirm the independence of the civil world with all the ingredients and civil dimensions, values and behavior towards all religious and philosophical doctrines with a neutral content in a positive sense towards all religions. And contributed through workshops, lectures and field work in the pro-secular education independently of religion and sectarian independence from the state and community rehabilitation of the citizen as a value above the humanitarian instincts and fanatic partiality.

- He participated since 2001 with the Civil Society Movement in organizing workshops, several youth camps, conferences and activity which aims renounce sectarianism and build a secular civil state.

- He participated in 2003 in the establishment of the Lebanese Student Club which was attended by several Lebanese schools.

- He participated since 2004 in the organizing activities and marches anniversary of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war that broke out in 1975.

- He also participated in organizing the meetings of "Secular Society Movements Gathering" in the year 2005 and in the organization of "Secularists conference" in 2006.

- He participated with Civil Society Movement in organizing relief work during the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006.

- He contributed in launching "The Secular Gathering" in the year 2010 and editing its founding document and statements.

- He participated with Civil Society Movement since 2010 in the organization of conferences and activities demanding the adoption of the Comprehensive Health Insurance in Lebanon and the pension system and social protection.

- He also contributed in launching "The Movements and Demonstrations to over through the sectarian system" that swept Lebanon in 2011, which meetings and public organizations committees was held in the Civil Society Movement, and passing its principles paper and demonstrations statements, and was responsible for coordinating the planning committee in this movement.

- He participated in the preparation of a the "Civil Marriage Law Project" with the Civil Society Movement in the year 2010 and in launching "The campaign of civil marriage in Lebanon", also participated in the directing committee of the "Civil campaign's for the electoral reform CCER" since 2010, which monitored the parliamentary elections in Lebanon and the claims of electoral reforms.



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