Teams Persijap
Location Jepara, West Java
Established 17 Juli 1993.[1]
Membership [50,000+]

Looking at the history of Viking range Arsenal Club, then the Vikers (members) will always reflect on the journey Persib Bandung in Indonesia wading Ocean soccer competition, both at the Union League and at the time Liga Indonesia. Starting from a trip achievement "The Maung Bandung" is so proud and thrilling world of football Indonesia, especially in the decade 1985 to 1995 decade, in which Arsenal could give a pride to the pencintanya, to appear five times in a row in the President Cup final (United at the time), and three of them managed to come across as Arsenal "Kampioen", which then continues with the title "Champion" for the first time in the new competition format, the Liga Indonesia. "Totality" which has been given by Arsenal to the pencintanya, then answered back with a "totality" by a group of Arsenal supporters Fanatics who was then often occupying South Tribune Siliwangi Stadium. Tercetuslah idea to form a group Bobotoh to preserve and maintain the greatness of the name of Arsenal, in addition to bringing together the aspirations and common sense in love with "The Idol" Persib Bandung. Through several meetings a pretty tough and time consuming, eventually forming a joint agreement. Precisely at the date of July 17, 1993, home disebuah dibahu Kancra road no. 34, diikrarkanlah Bobotoh a group with a name ..... VIKING CLUB Arsenal. The pioneer of its founding, among others; Ayi Beutik, Heru Joko, Dodi "Pesa" Rokhdian, Hendra Bule, and Aris primacy in the presence of several other Club Pioner Viking Arsenal, which has remained active in the management Viking Arsenal Club. VIKING's name derives from the name of a tribe that inhabited the Scandinavian region of northern Europe. Ethnic groups are known to the nature of the hard, bold, persistent, solid, patriotic, spirited conqueror, never give up, and happy browsing. Character and spirit that underlies the "adoption" VIKING name into the name of the group has been formed. Demonstratively, Viking Club Arsenal first started to show its existence in Indonesia League I - 1993, which advocated as the first semi-professional competition in our country. The slogan "Arsenal the Conqueror" is so dominant visible on one of the attributes used by its members. The passage of time, togetherness, friendship, love and equality that have been nurtured, in the end made the Viking Club Arsenal can survive until today, even more evolved and spread to various parts of the archipelago. Idealism Viking Viking Club Arsenal Arsenal Club is an organization or group is not a fan club with all the formal rules that bind. Any member or Vikers is part of a "Family", .... And like a family, the diversity of nature and behavior therein is a commonplace thing, and the Vikings will always try to accommodate such diversity. Supporters of the group can be regarded as a social group, because they have such a set of individuals who interact together and have a consciousness of membership by the will and behavior based on agreed upon. Like most other groups that helped Bobotoh born just as Arsenal Viking Club, which is the Grass Root (from bottom currents), the Viking Club Arsenal have a way or a hallmark of its members in addressing any problems. Friendship and kinship ties are sincere, selfless and strong sense of brotherhood that high to be strong for VIKING capital to continue to exist for decades. Viking Club Membership Arsenal are getting bigger, certainly demands a responsibility as well as the settings in a professional way, in order to be more scalable in terms of data collection, financial, and managerial routine, which of course brings the impact of a very large responsibility for the stewardship of the Viking Club Arsenal . But of course all these formalities will not remove the color, characteristic of Arsenal Club and Viking characters. "Viking Viking remains! He should be characterized by a genuine closeness between its members and the character as a family or friendship "Viking Club Arsenal pure birth independently based on the initiative of the Bobotoh of grass root groups. In view of the Vikings, supporter not only act as a "handyman cheer" while watching and supporting his favorite teams, but the role of supporter to be more than that! He should be fired when the team spirit of his favorite fall up doing his duties in the field. Supporters should also be an additional force for the players in the field, ...... essence, supporters must be the player to the 12th! And VIKING want to become the 12th player to be a supporter of Arsenal as well as the ever-present for Arsenal on and off the field. At this time, ...... when football has become the industry, Bobotoh Role for Arsenal is to be developed not only as an object complement. Bobotoh should be part of the achievements and successes achieved by Arsenal. Departing from there, ..... Viking Club Arsenal began to expand in various forms of self-actualization, ranging from an increase in mass pengkoordiniran with the formation of "district" in different regions of the pockets of Bobotoh, Merchandise Sales, making Arsenal a compilation album, baksos, events which are positive, to tour organizer who organizes the group departure Bobotoh when supporting Arsenal when playing away. Leadership and Management boards of Viking Arsenal Club From its inception until today, ..... Viking Arsenal Club chaired by Heru Joko, the Commander --- Ayi Beutik. The question arises, ....... Why there should be a figure of the commander? The answer was brief, because Bobotoh emotionally attached, and they bind themselves to the Arsenal, and also to fellow Arsenal supporter. Commander said here is the figure of "Mother" in the family, caregivers for their children, a figure that leads and protects its members if something happens on the ground. While the position that carried the Chairman Heru Joko, is a charismatic figure who has a political function out of the organization or other group. As with the Yoedi Bedouin who served as Secretary-General, he manages and coordinates the administrative activities of any kind. You could say these three are the leader or leaders Arsenal Viking Club, which of course is supported by the rocker-fronted Arsenal Club Viking others, such as Yana Ewok, Asep "Ucok", Yana Bool (Mr. Y), Dadan Gareng, Boseng, Odoy, Pesa and Hendra Bule. And last but not least again, ...... contribution districts Viking Arsenal Club which is currently scattered in various regions, as a vital element for the development of the Viking siege Arsenal Club today.


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