Baranta is a term for the traditional martial arts of Hungary. A revival of such arts has taken place since the 1990s. It is due to the efforts of Ferenc Vukics, who from around 1990 collected and studied records of military exercises of the interbellum period. In 1993, he began to teach Baranta at the Kossuth Lajos Military College in Szentendre. A Baranta association was founded in 1997, and annual championships have been held since 1998. Disciplines include sabre fencing, archery, wrestling, and choreographed demonstration with various weapons.

Vukics is a major in the Hungarian Armed Forces, and he is best known for his controversial involvement with the Alliance of Hungarians, which resulted in the passing of a special "Lex Vukics" which requires members of the armed forces to obtain permission for private involvement in political activities.[1]

Baranta emphasizes the Central Asian (viz. "Altaic") roots of the Hungarian nation, and practicioners have taken inspiration from traditional sports in Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Ranks are named after Old Hungarian animal names, and the first ranking and exam system was formulated using a supposedly ancient numeral system of Central Asia.


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