Bapputty Haji ( Arabic: د.يو.بابدي الحاجMalayalam: ഡോ.യൂ. ബാപ്പുട്ടി ഹാജി, was one of the three founders of Darul Huda Islamic University.[1]

Early life

Bapputty Haji was born in September 1929 to Kunjaalan Kutti Vaidyar and Puthukkutti Kunchikkadiumma in Chemmad. His full name was Kunjavaran Kutti. His father was a physician. He attended Arya Vaidyashala College, after which he became a village physician. He also studied with a variety of Islamic scholars on matters of religious education.


Haji had six sons and seven daughters, as well as adopting a number of children.[citation needed]

Early career

Haji worked as the general secretary of Chemmad Darul Huda Islamic University, the state treasurer of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the president of Chemmad Qidamathul Ilsma Madrasa, an executive member of the Vidybyasa board, president of Majlisu Dawathul Islamiyya and treasurer of Tanur Islhul Arabic college.[citation needed]

Political activities

Haji was an active member of the All-India Muslim League. In 1952 he participated in Muslim league’s meeting to see Sayyid Bafaqi.

Sunni Mahal Federation (SMF)

Baputty Haji was one of the founders of the Sunni Mahal Federeation. He served as the organizations treasurer.

Darul Huda Islamic University

In 1983, Haji and others began building the Darul Huda Islamic University. The school opened in 1986.


Baputty Haji died in July 2003 at his own residence. He was buried on the Darul Huda Islamic University campus.


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