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Bani Mustafa is an indigenous tribe in Jordan [1] [2]. It is considered one of the major tribes in the town of Souf as well as in the city of Jerash [3]. Banimustafa belongs to the Arabian tribes of Hijaz where they moved to Jordan and Syria 400 years ago [4]. The total number of the tribe is between 5,000-7,000 people which put them the second biggest tribe in Souf and one of the biggest in Jerash [5].


BaniMuustafa Inhabits mainly the town of Souf and the city of Jerash. A minority of BaniMustafa also lives in Thughretasfour, Dairalliat and Nabi-Hud beside other cities of Jordan and some who immigrated to the Gulf, Europe , Australia and the USA.


BaniMustafa settled in souf for twelve generations which makes them one of the oldest tribes of the town (300-350 Years ago) [6]. Beside Souf, BaniMustafa were also one of the founders of the city of Jerash. The ruins of BaniMustafa watermill in Jerash is a witness for the tribe deep history, the watermill is dated back to the 19th century [7].

Life Style

The people of BaniMustafa used to work mainly in agriculture, but now a growing number works in higher education, business and military.


BaniMustafa is a major tribe in Souf and one of the major tribal powers in Jerash. This is reflected on their regular representation in the elected city councils of the towns Jerash and Souf. In the recent elections, BaniMustafa managed to have their own representative in the Jordanian Parliament Wafa Banimustafa, who has been chosen recently as the best performing MP [8].

Clans of BaniMustafa

The main branches of BaniMustafa are [9] [10]:

  • Hmaidan (Including Abed, Slaiman, Ali, Mhaisen and Khosan)
  • Nizami
  • Falahat
  • Khwaldeh (including Farghal, Rshoud)
  • Hsainat (including Ajour and Abu-Shapat)
  • Abu-Ismail
  • Dar-Aioob


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