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Baky International Humanitarian Forum is an annual event bringing together outstanding representatives of political, scientific and cultural elite of the world community including famous statesmen, Nobel Prize winners in various scientific fields and heads of influential international organizations. It aims to hold dialogues, exchange of views and discussions on a wide range of global issues, which are interesting to the whole humanity.

The initiators of the forum were President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his counterpart President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The forum has its origins from the first Azerbaijan-Russia forum on humanitarian cooperation, which took place in January 2010 in the city of Baku.

Organizers and participants of the forum including representatives of humanities, social and natural sciences as well as the world`s cultural elite set the ambitious task to draw up a humanitarian agenda in order to let it discussed further on an international scale. The forum also invited to "The great of this world" - is a current or former heads of state and the founders of transnational corporations. Joining representatives from all spheres of human activity, an optimum solution to the pressing issues of concern to all humanity. Problems of all humanity is that the position of Forum for the period of universal human issues of globalization, is reflected in the Baky declaration.

The purpose of the forum

The purpose of the forum is to build a dialogue through roundtables. This is creating an arena for actual topics of concern to the minds of the simple man in the street to the leader of the state where all can hear and be heard.

The task of the forum

The task of the forum - is to form a platform for constructive debate and discussion, sharing ideas, theoretical and practical knowledge.

The result of the forum

The result is embodied in the recommendations of the forum, and appeals to international organizations, leaders of the country and every single individual.

Traditions of the forum

  • All forum participants receive personal invitation.
  • The forum is held once a year in the city of Baky.
  • Working languages of the Forum: Azerbaijani, Russian, English.

Round tables

As part of the October 2011 Forum, “round tables” were organized on seven themes:

  • Multiculturalism: achievements and problems
  • Modern technologies that changed the world
  • Convergence of sciences
  • Biotechnologies and ethical problems
  • Humanitarian aspects of economic development models
  • Social journalism and high technologies
  • Traditional value systems in postmodern culture


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