The Badalona giants are the four pairs of giants of this catalan city that represents historical prominents figures from this town. They dance on processions, Badalona's spring festival (in May), Badalona's principal festival (arround the 15th August) and in another occasions.

What is a giant?

Giants are big and heavy figures made of wood, plaster and carton and typically represents historical prominents figures like kings, princess, counts or mythological beings. It's traditional that giants dance in important events or in the festivals of the city where they belong. Is a catalan tradition but there are Giants in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and other countries, too.

Badalona giants

Els gegants de Badalona

From right to left: Elionor de Santcliment, Ferrer de Gualbes, Maria, Anastasi, Badamar, Dimonieta (which is property of "la Colla de Geganters de Badalona") and Jeroni

How already we had said, in Badalona there are 8 giants: Anastasi and Maria (they were made in 1858) which are the oldest giants from the city; Jeroni and Badamar (from 1946); Ferrer de Gualbes and Elionor de Santcliment (from 1970), and Ripal ans Brunel·la del Mar, the newests giants (from 1982).

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