BTDigg is the first BitTorrent DHT search engine.[1] This DHT search engine participates in the BitTorrent DHT network, supports the network and makes correspondences between magnet links and a few torrent attributes (name, size, list of files) which are indexed and inserted into a database. For end users BTDigg provides a full text search over the database via Web interface. The Web part of search system retrieves a proper information by a user's text query. The Web search supports queries in European and Asian languages. The project name is an acronym of BitTorrent Digger (digger means a treasure-hunter).[2]


The Web part of BTDigg search system provides magnet links and partial torrent information (name, list of files, size) from the database which are relevant for a given user's text query.

BTDigg's DHT search engine links two subjects that are partial information from a torrent and a magnet link. And it's similar to the process of linking a content of a Web page with a page URL which Web search engines are doing. Besides Web search user interface BTDigg provides API for third-party applications.

Initially BTDigg was created as the DHT search engine for free content being distributed across the BitTorrent network. BTDigg is oriented towards promotion of free content and helps authors of free content to spread the word about their content.


BTDigg is the global BitTorrent DHT search engine operating all over the world. BTDigg Web interface supports English, Russian, Brazil languages and the Web search engine is working well for queries in European and Asian languages. Users can customize search results by choosing proper sort order in the Web interface.

Among the other features there are search API, API popularity, plugins for μTorrent and qBittorrent BitTorrent clients, Web browser plugin (for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). API popularity gives a picture of changing popularity for a torrent in the BitTorrent DHT network.

History of BTDigg

BTDigg was founded by Nina Evseenko in January 2011 and prerequisites were a plenty of projects releasing free content using the BitTorrent protocol such as Pioneer One, VODO, Musopen, Jamendo, ClearBits and others.[3]

Since the foundation BTDigg has been changing. Besides numerous invisible changes, there are the following visible milestones:

Date Milestone
31 March 2011 Web plugin to search with one click
4 April 2011 API popularity
9 April 2011 qBittorrent plugin
13 April 2011 new Web design
19 April 2011 showing torrent info-hash as QR-code picture
28 April 2011 torrent fakes detection
30 April 2011 detection of torrent duplicates
12 July 2011 charts of the popular torrents in soft real-time
29 July 2011 different sort order
16 Jan 2012 supporting SSL connections
27 March 2012 showing distributing votes

Advantages and disadvantages

This system is part of the List of search engines and has own advantages and disadvantages. The main plus BTDigg – it’s a fast access to download any content. Through a decentralized method of forming the base, where the users of BitTorrent DHT network are involved in its creation, clients BTDigg can download content by magnet links of the most popular torrents. The downside of this service is that BTDigg cannot guarantee that a particular name will be downloaded the expected content. Because content does not download and does not check of this search engine. So when you search with BTDigg, should take your attention into ratings and popularity of content. When the user send a magnet link in BitTorrent client that supports the BitTorrent DHT, the user finds a BitTorrent Swarm and download content.

Public Perception

Most of people perceive BTDigg as tracker or BitTorrent catalog, assuming that BTDigg has own content. It’s not right. Since the emergence of search engine BTDigg, users rated BTDigg with a positive point of view. Many different articles and comparisons have been written in the press. Today, BTDigg - it’s a successful project, which used by many people.

Interesting Fact

BTDigg - this is the first industrial realization working without any issues for the all period of existence for network BitTorrent DHT.

Almost BTDigg provides search results for each request that allows a positive judgment about the size of the base.

BTDigg is the concept of finding the most popular torrents in real time.

BTDigg has two independent components: frontend and backend. Backend BTDigg - decentralized, frontend - it's just a convenient web interface to the database.

BTDigg can be considered a full-fledged search engine, consisting of a crawler, indexer and a web interface for the search base, in contrast to the Meta search engines.


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