Aziz Kayed was born in Nablus and was a former member of the Islamic student movement. He had discontinued his activities in 1994. Aziz was married with children and free to travel out of the country. He was clean shaven and professional looking. He ran the 'Al-Buraq Center for Islamic studies.' (Son of Hamas / Mosab Hassan Yousef)

Aziz Kayed, Salah Hussein from Ramalla, Adib Zeyadeh from Jerusalem and Najeh Madi from Salfeet worked at the Al-Buraq institute. They were running the Hamas movement in the west bank before being exposed by Mosab Hassan Yousef, around this time 2004-2005.

Aziz Kayed, Salah Hussein, Adib Zeyadeh and Najeh Madi have advanced University degrees. They brought in millions of dollars from outside - which they used to buy arms, manufacture explosives, recruit volunteers, support fugitives and provide logistic support. They had kept a low profile – so, they won’t be captured by the Israeli army.

Najeh Madi helped hide Ibrahim Hamed in a garage a few blocks from his house. After following Najeh Madi, the Israeli Shin Bet found out the location and arrested Ibrahim Hamed, on May 23, 2006.


Son of Hamas / Mosab Hassan Yousef, pages 218-221

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