Azimo is a UK-based financial services company whose website and mobile applications enable users to send money to over 198 countries around the world.[1][2] Founded in 2011, by Michael Kent, Ricky Knox and Marek Wawro, Azimo announced a £300,000 angel investment round in January 2013.[3] The company raised an additional $1 million in September 2013[4] and a $10m Series A funding round led by Greycroft Partners in March 2014.[5] Azimo is headquartered in London and was included in the Wonga Future 50 UK Businesses for 2012.[6]

Money transfer services

Azimo allows users to send money directly to a bank account, top up a mobile phone or for cash collection from one of almost 300,000 global cash pay-out locations. Consumers pay for Azimo money transfers using funds from their UK or Eurozone bank account, debit card, credit card or by depositing cash with one of the company's banking partners. The money transfers are paid out in either U.S. dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Sterling (GBP) or in local currency.[7][8][9]

Azimo announced in March 2014 that it was expanding services to all 18 Euro Zone countries providing money transfer services to over seven billion potential customers in over 198 countries including Poland, Argentina, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Lithuania, Brazil and most recently New Zealand and South Africa.

Facebook acquisition rumours

In April 2014, the Financial Times in London reported that Azimo was one of three financial service businesses approached by social network Facebook as a potential partner or acquisition. The article cited reports that Facebook was in the early stages of seeking approval with the Irish authorities to register as an "E-money institution".[10]

Charity support

Azimo gives customers the option to donate a portion of the money they transfer to charities working in developing countries and has active partnerships with charities, including Operation Smile.[11] It has pledged to donate 10% of annual profits to charities that it supports.[7] Staff members are offered a free day every quarter to allow them to get involved with work in the community and Azimo also provides non-profit organisations that have operations in the developing world with cost price access to its money transfer services.[citation needed]


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