Aydın Aybay
Born 1929
İstanbul, Turkey
Died 6 March 2013(2013-03-06) (aged 84)
Küçükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Fields Civil law
Institutions İstanbul University
Maltepe University
Alma mater

İstanbul University

Aydın Aybay (1929 – 6 March 2013) was a Turkish professor of civil law, legal writer and lawyer.


Aydın Aybay was born in İstanbul. He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1953. In the same year, he started his academic career as a research assistant at department of civil law in İstanbul University Faculty of Law. He earned Doctor of Law degree in 1958 at the same faculty. He became associate professor (doçent) in 1963 and full professor in 1973. In 1979, he contributed to founding of the İstanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences as one of co-founders.[1]

After 1980 coup d'état, military junta deported Aydın Aybay from university with many other academics (1402'likler) who opposed to the coup. In 1990s, he returned Istanbul University. In 1996, he retired from public university and started to lecture at the Maltepe University. He served as dean of Maltepe University Faculty of Law.[1]

In January 2010, Aydın Aybay suffered lung cancer. He died of respiratory failure on 6 March 2013 in İstanbul.[2]


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