Aya Awida

Aya Awida (Born in Tripoli 16th February 1988, age 24) A.K.A Aya “nappy” Awida is an erotic dancer hoping to perform at the 2014 FIFA World Cup due to be held in brazil. There is a lot of controversy regarding the actual age of nappy Awida. Due to the hostile living environment of Libya many people are not issued actual birth certificates making it impossible to predict their actual age. Sources vary from 22 years to 28 years of age however the most reliable source states that she is currently 24.

Born in Tripoli, Libya; Aya came to the UK at the approximate age of 1. Due to the strict immigration laws of the UK she was unable to enter the UK via airports and instead infiltrated England via the sea on a banana boat. It was a long and challenging journey that brought Aya to the shore of Southport where she settled as an immigrant for 15 years before acquiring a valid British passport through marriage. Aya married Munavar; an Arab barber but unfortunately their relationship has had its “downs and downs” mainly caused through the lack of honesty. Munavar first met Aya when he was riding on a canal boat and was overtaken by Aya who was walking past. He claimed to be an Arab prince which was very luring for the “gold digging” Aya. Aya also did not disclose her profession and instead told him that she works as a manager of a successful next store.

Currently Aya nappy Awida is on tour dancing in bars and clubs around the UK. She hopes to gain popularity on this tour which would increase her chances of making the 2014 World Cup. Her most prestigious performance is due to be held on 9th June in Edinburgh, where she will be performing at a zoo alongside the famous sleeping pandas.

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