Axel Sveinsson (03 Aprirl 1896 - 12 August 1957)[1] was a civil engineer, noted for having designed several remarkable lighthouses in Iceland. He was born in Bergsholti in Staðarveit, Snaefellsnessyslu to Sveinn Bjarnason and Sigriður Magnusdóttir. He was married three time, first to Aðalbjorg Sigurbjornsdottir, daughter of Sigurbjorn Bjornsson and Margret Sigurðardottir, next to Guðrun Olafia Sigurðardottir, daughter of Sigurður Olafsson and Solveig Unadottir, and finally on 24 Feb 1945 to Oddny Lára Emilia Petursdóttir, daughter of Pétur Þorsteinsson and Hlif Bogadóttir Smith.

Axel and Aðalbjorg had one son, Hulda Sveinsson. Alex and Guðrun had one daughter, Solveig Axelsdottir. Alex and Oddny had one daughter Hlif Borghildur Axelsdottir, and two sons Bjarni Magnus Axelsson and Hallgrimur Axelsson.[1]


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