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Original Article

Awesamazing Dragon, a being of pure awesomeness and is truly amazing, hince the word Awesamazing, the only way to describe it, comes from. Awesamazing Dragon siteings are rare since there is only one left on this Earth. They are known to have unlimited power and in always unstoppable. They are also known for great musical taste, and are just very impressive in general. They are great looking, tall, and good at everything they try to do. Driving isn't necessiary for these amazing creatures for they can take flight or swindle an simple human to drive them around. They are great to party with because they can drink for days and have no effect upon them and completely drink anyone under the table. It is known sometimes to try to go unoticed these Awesamazing Dragons will take the most common name they can think of and try to blend in to a normal enviorment. If you ever encounter one you should praise them and shower them with complements to keep them from stealing your wives and destroying you.

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