The Avenor Youth Forum (refered to as the AYF) is an association or union of the youth of the traditional area. The Avenor Youth Forum (AYF) is a socio-cultural and developmental group. Although not affiliated to any political party or person it engages in a constructive manner all stakes holder including chiefs, senior citizens, political officer holders, governmental and non-governmental organizations in achieving its aims and objectives. The Avenor Youth Forum (AYF) is a think tank, an advocate, a pressure group and a lobbying organization which seeks to articulate the fears, hopes and aspirations of the youth and women of Avenorland

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the Avenor Youth Forum are

Advance opportunities for the indigenes of the Avenor traditional area especially women and youth through education and strengthening of individual capacities.

Create opportunity for the indigenes of the Avenor traditional area to interact and socialize (Hogbeza, Atsitoeza, Agbeliza, Edunenyoza ,Easter festivities, festivals , sports,etc

Pool human, material and financial resources together to initiate development projects in the Avenor traditional area

Protect the interest and welfare of the Avenor traditional area by advocating and influencing policy issues on development, education, youth development etc


Membership of the group is open to the following category of people;

Indigenes of the Avenor traditional area (home and abroad)

Persons who are not indigenes but are resident in the traditional area

Persons who have a relationship of any kind with the traditional area.

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